Founder: Mad Visions Film Festival

Hailing from all over The U S of A. Been residing in Vietnam since 2019. Currently based in the beautiful central coast around DaNang and Hoi An. Open to collaboration , and any opportunities, wherever they may be. Wish you well.

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Non Film Related Work

Background in entrepreneurship. Founded and operated two businesses back in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Played a significant role in another start up. You can check out this old portfolio I made of my entrepreneurial work that I used as my masters in Marketing and Communications submission back in 2019, that sadly never panned out due to the wild world situations that 2020 brought upon us.  Also, here's this blog that hasn't been operating for well over a year, but has a lot of content I was working on for a bit once moving to Asia.  You can find a lot of my writing on there.